Plenty of Possibilities in the Elmwood

“I wouldn’t change anything about it,” says Knolls resident Elaine Halperin, referring to her lovely Elmwood apartment home. The Elmwood is one of seven apartment layouts offered at The Knolls, a Westchester County continuing care retirement community.

It features 876 square feet of airy living space, including one bedroom, a den, and one and a half bathrooms, with unique features like French doors and clerestory windows.

Meet Elaine Halperin

Elaine came to The Knolls about three and a half years ago, when she decided that she no longer wanted to live alone. “It’s nice to have people around, so if you want to do something with them, you can,” says Elaine. “And, you have a door you can close and be alone if you want to. It’s very much like living in a house.”

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The Value of a Continuing Care Retirement Community

When it comes to retirement living, you’ll have many decisions to make in planning for your future – Should you move to a retirement community? How should you spend your savings? Should you buy long-term care insurance? What kind of retirement community could be right for you? The options sometimes seem endless. But, what if there was a retirement living option that could satisfy many of your current and future retirement needs?

Consider the benefits of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), also known as a Life Plan Community. A CCRC is a unique type of retirement community that offers seniors multiple levels of healthcare services. At The Knolls, a CCRC located in Westchester County, we offer assisted living, skilled nursing, and sub-acute services, in addition to independent living. The Knolls is perfect for anyone who is looking to secure their future, and make the most of their retirement.

The Value of a CCRC Contract

CCRCs offer several different contract types, so you can select the agreement that works best for your financial and healthcare needs. Whether or not you have long-term care insurance, there is a CCRC agreement for you. The Knolls offers both a Fee-for-Service as well as a Modified Fee-for-Service agreement, to easily meet your financial needs and provide you with comprehensive coverage. Some communities offer a Life Care contract, generally at a higher cost.

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Discovering the Artist Within: The Knolls’ Art Program

“I paint for the pure pleasure of doing it,” says Adele Schneider, resident of The Knolls, “and, when it comes out decent, it’s a very pleasant surprise!”

Adele is one of the residents who frequently attends the art classes at The Knolls. She and several other residents gather to work on their different art projects, with the assistance and direction of David Cuffari, an experienced artist and teacher.

“I’m very passionate about art and I try to pass that passion on to the students,” says David. “With art, you’re an involved and active participant.”

The art classes are held weekly on The Knoll’s campus, and usually last about three hours, with residents coming and going as they choose. Whether they’re working on a drawing, watercolor, or acrylic painting, David helps each of the students.

Boy by the Water by David Cuffari

“I’ve been coming to the art classes for a little over two years. Never in my life had I done artwork, but I have a wonderful time and I love having David as a teacher,” Adele says. “He’s very knowledgeable, very compassionate, non judgmental and encouraging.”

“My teaching style can be compared to an editor for a writer,” says David. “I work one on one with each person, who is working to their capacity in their medium. This allows for the individual voice to come through. Teaching everyone to do the same thing is against the notion of creativity.”


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Harmonious Retirement Living in the Hawthorne

We invite you to explore retirement living at The Knolls, a Westchester County retirement community. With outstanding services and amenities, The Knolls provides a valuable opportunity to live an engaging and enjoyable retirement without leaving the community where you raised your family, had your career and lived among family and friends.

Picking the perfect floor plan for your retirement is an exciting decision and just the beginning of your new life at The Knolls. With seven different floor plans to choose from, you’ll find one that works best for your lifestyle and budget. Each apartment home is newly renovated, featuring modern kitchens and bathrooms.

If you’re looking for a generously sized, two-bedroom apartment home, envision your retirement in the Hawthorne. This floor plan features two bathrooms, a master suite, a spacious living and dining area, and plenty of closet space.

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FAQ: What is the move-in process like?

Once you’ve made the decision to make The Knolls your home, the next step is to go through the process of becoming a resident. With the help of our team, making a move to The Knolls is a seamless transition.

Making Your Selections

The first step in becoming a resident is to choose one of our seven unique floor plans. Ranging in size from 701 to 1,589 square feet, you’ll find a floor plan that fits your retirement lifestyle perfectly. All of our apartment homes have been renovated, featuring modern kitchens and living spaces.

Once you’ve selected the floor plan that best meets your needs, the next step is to make an initial 10% deposit, which is based on the size of the apartment home you’ve selected. Making a deposit will reserve your place within the community, as well as reserve your selected floor plan. This deposit will be subtracted from your initial entrance fee at settlement.

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